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Lindsey's and Doug's Rates

Cane Chairs(with holes) $1.25/ hole- plus materials ($20.00)
Cane Webbing Chairs(w/ groove) $3.25/ widest inch- plus materials($20.00)
Blind Caning(Holes not drilled thru) $2.10/hole(flat surface) plus materials ($25.00)
Fibre Rush Chairs (paper) $4.00/ widest inch- plus materials($20)
Pre-twisted Natural Rush(cattail) $4.50/ widest inch- plus materials ($35.00)
Danish Cord Chairs: (Scandinavian) $4.50/ widest inch- plus materials ($30.00)
Danish Cord(Rush Pattern) $8.25/ widest inch- plus materials ($30.00)
Splint Chairs: Flat Reed $4.00/ widest inch- plus materials($25.00)
Porch Weave Chairs: $4.00/ widest inch- plus materials($30.00)
(Binder Cane and Flat-Oval Reed)
Replacement Seats Fibre- $30.00- plus materials(Market Price)
Leather- $35.00- plus materials(Market Price)
Staining, Polyurethane $20.00/ seat
Cane will not be stained
Chair Gluing / Repair As per quote($20.00)
Prices are estimates; all chairs are subject to inspection.

Email me for more information. Lindsey

You can also email Doug here.